The radical renovation of 5 super modern courtyards

by 33admin

We imagine that with the heat that the Buenos Aires summer has gotten us used to lately, no one would underestimate the possibility of making the most of the patio of their house.

No matter the size or the arrangement, it is that outdoor space that allows us to get out of the confinement of the environments and make contact with the outside.

For that, the ideal is that your patio is conditioned and ready to give you the best comforts for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

Today we have organized a selection of five patio remodels that you cannot miss. It is simply a sample of what can be done to make your patio brimming with health and beauty.

The one before this patio already tells us everything. The truth is that it was very wasted and quite neglected. The concrete gave it a cold and drab look that did not inspire anyone to inhabit it and make it their own.

On the other hand, the intervention knew how to take the juice out of these abundant meters and put it to the nines. As we can see in the photo, the post used lighting to achieve an effect of visual enlargement and appreciation of the textures.


The history of this patio is completely different from the previous one. It is seen that it is an inhabited space but there is a poor use of the meters, which in themselves are very extensive for an urban patio.

Sometimes, it is just necessary to correctly locate the different sectors and not to overlap or confuse.

As we see in the photo, it is not so much that has been changed but the concept has been greatly improved. The wooden floor has been kept, which is very practical and gives it a more rustic and cozy air.

The areas are more delimited and do not mix. The presence of color is now in the walls with small geometric details and in the stones of the beds.

Before this outer space had more to do with a garden, small, but a garden at the end. However, it looked quite boring and without much dedication on the part of its owners.


Sometimes due to lack of ideas or investment, the land is simply maintained with a little grass, plants and nothing else attractive.

Now the after pleasantly surprises us. What has happened is that that lawn without much joy and life gave rise to a deck-type wooden floor that allows you to take better advantage of it at any time of the year.

Very comfortable individual armchairs have appeared as chairs around a table that invites meeting and camaraderie.

As is often said, the base is there. There is spaciousness, there is the presence of the sun during many hours of the day and the coatings are strong and made of good materials.

What is noticeable is that it is not very cool, it seems little inhabited and almost nothing used. Nothing that is too suggestive to make it your own.


And suddenly, the magic came. It was not so much what was needed to make it look like an invitation to relax and enjoy. The floor slab was left and the tiles that were majolica type were replaced by wood in red.

Two well-defined sectors were also created, one to sit and chat and enjoy the view, and the other for dinners or lunches. 

The before and after of this patio, says it all. With an elongated distribution that is often difficult to use properly, this space was a challenge for experts.

For a better layout, it was necessary to remove a tree that prevented access to a fairly large part of the land. 

The result of the transformation is a rectangular pool that becomes the protagonist of the scene and invites you to enjoy it with an attractive staircase.


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