How to replace window glass

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The replacement of a broken window pane with a healthy one is a task that any adult can carry out without requiring a lot of time and effort. For this, it is only necessary to have the appropriate security elements and tools and to follow the steps that will be enunciated later.

This procedure can be applied to change those glasses that have suffered indelible stains, or that look too dull and opaque due to the action of time, climatic factors and lack of maintenance.

To replace window glass , the first thing to do is obtain the necessary tools and materials to get the job done, and these include putty knife, masking tape (also known as masking tape or masking tape), silicone or putty, and gloves.

It is important to note that classic window putty offers the advantage of being inexpensive, but at the same time it tends to dry out and crack over time. Silicone, for its part, is totally waterproof, flexible and easier to apply to glass and edges.

Next, the dimensions (height and width) of the opening on which you are going to work must be measured correctly, to ensure that you buy the glass with the correct measurements. It is also important to measure the depth of the window rails or grooves that the glass piece will fit into.

The next step will be to remove the damaged or old glass from the window, a job that requires some care to prevent it from breaking and splinters falling to the floor or projecting everywhere. To do this, strips of the masking tape are cut and placed around the entire edge of the glass to be removed, and two additional strips will also be placed on the surface of the same forming a cross.

Because the glass is surrounded by old putty or silicone, it must be removed by scraping gradually with the help of the spatula, to finally free the piece and be able to remove it without problems.

Some windows, instead of the materials indicated, include rubber strips that serve to secure the glass, if they are very worn, they must be replaced with new ones when placing the new one.

For this step (healthy glass installation), the holding rods are removed and the fixing material is placed, which can be putty, silicone, or the new rubber strips. In case of using putty or silicone, they are applied all over the edge of the glass and then placed in the frame.

Putty or silicone is then reapplied to the edge, working it with your fingers or the spatula until the layer of material is completely smooth.

At this stage, when working with wood-framed windows ; Once the glass is in place, a few fine brads are placed every 20 centimeters to keep it firm while working with the putty. It is important that the nails are kept slightly away from the glass to avoid the pressure of the nails ending up causing damage.

The last thing left to do is to reassemble the entire window , leaving it unused for a few days (even a week), to ensure complete drying.

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