Pest Control For Homes are More Refreshing than New Socks!

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Each PEST CONTROL service requires special treatment, because the control techniques are variable (not all places are the same), due to this, the techniques, equipment and products to be used in the PEST CONTROL services together with Our team of applicator technicians will be carried out in a personalized way. Before carrying out a pest control service, many factors must be taken into account, interacting with the client to know their need, problems and scope, all this leads us to the conclusion of the type of application to be carried out, the type and class of product, corrective measures to be taken, day and times of application according to its activity, recommendations, etc.).

Our Pest Control service is intended to control all types of pests, such as: rodents, pigeons, bats, insects, whether they are crawling and / or flying, some of them are: cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, moths, worms, whiteflies, ticks, etc.


Every year, infestation by pests in homes, businesses, restaurants, consortiums not only causes considerable economic damage, but also poses a high risk of infection for the inhabitants of your home, employees and customers due to the possible contamination of food , utensils and various surfaces with pathogens. This can occur directly through urine, feces, body fluids, hair, skin peeling or bites, as well as indirectly through fleas and mites that live in rodents and transmit disease through food contamination. utensils and work surfaces and equipment.

Terminix has been protecting thousands of homes, businesses, offices, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, etc. for many years. from pests. Based on our experience we can apply our expert knowledge to assess risks and develop a tailored solution to keep pests out of your business.

Our disinsection treatments aim to eliminate any type of insect infestation that may have invaded your home or business, and we will also determine the causes that have caused it in order to avoid future pests.

Regarding disinsectations to individuals and businesses, the pest we treat the most are cockroaches in the kitchen or in the bathroom, and Moths, ants, etc. In addition, when it comes to an apartment building, it is very common for insects to have invaded several floors, reaching them through drains, electrical installation and other means.

Also in recent years, bed bug treatments are becoming more and more frequent in private homes, in fact last year 12% of the calls we received requesting our disinsection services were to solve bed bug problems in private homes.

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