Ways to Save on Home Repairs (Is it Worth it to Get a Warranty For Home Repairs?)

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In a lot of ways, your car is like your home. You’re not a contractor, and you’re not a mechanic either.

Multi-risk home insurance is the insurance by which the owner or possessor of a home (or in other varieties, commercial premises) tries to cover the risks that it suffers damages of various kinds: derived from electrical short circuits, breakage of pipes, various breakdowns, domestic accidents, caused by storms, theft, etc. Also for civil liability caused by damages or injuries that may be caused to other people or their property from the home, such as falling objects from windows or balconies, flooding on lower floors, etc. It usually includes a breakdown repair service.

One of the most important aspects to take into account when insuring a home is the concept of underinsurance.

Underinsurance occurs when the value of the insured capital is less than the new replacement value of the insured object. In the case of home insurance, it can be given both on the continent (value of the building) and on the content (trousseau, electrical appliances, etc). When declaring a claim, the expert will verify that the values ​​that appear in the policy of the insured are real, if it were not so at the time of indemnifying the claim, the proportional rule would apply which it says is: if a claim occurs, the compensation is reduced in the same proportion as the capital is insufficient “

We see it better with an example:

Let’s consider a home with an insured content of 30,000. If there is a robbery and the value of the stolen is 5000, in theory the compensation should be for that value. But if the actual content of the home were 40,000, it would mean that we have a 25% underinsurance, which would apply the proportional rule to compensation and only pay the insured 75% or what is the same, 3,750.

Just like getting a warranty on your home repairs, you can get an extended warranty on your car and rest easy. This way you don’t have to worry about the cost of the mechanic. (Who wants to anyways?)

Vehicle workshops and dealerships are some of those who are functioning now in today’s age. In the case of the former, they are only authorized to carry out repair or maintenance work on the vehicles of workers considered essential. Concessionaires, on the other hand, can serve citizens in general but not in person but through other channels, such as telephone or online, during their normal hours.

They sell almost twice as many second-hand cars as new ones
Automotive brands agree that customers will not lose the warranty of their vehicles while the state of alarm lasts.

In this context, owners of vehicles whose commercial warranty loses its validity during the state of alarm can rest easy. In all cases, its validity will be respected, even if the expiration date has passed, according to the unanimous response given by the spokespersons of the brands contacted by this newspaper.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the daily lives of citizens, and forced people into confinement Since then, and at least until April 26, their habits have been affected and they do not have the possibility of carrying out their daily tasks as normal as before. Although the government has allowed some of the non-essential workers to return to their workplaces, there are still many establishments that keep their doors closed to the public.

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