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The notion of landscape entails an aspect of pleasure, of perception of order and beauty, as well as of recognition and existential identification of the human being with the environment that surrounds it.

A very important aspect of home architecture is the design of the exteriors. Both facades, as well as what surrounds the house and the very conformation of the volumes. There are several criteria that come together in a home project when it is conceived from the outside. Some homes are thought from the inside out and others from the outside.
The natural landscape often suffers significant deterioration due to the destructive action of man and the city. As a result of this, it is essential to understand that contact with green and natural spaces is a fundamental issue for the full development of any society.

For architects, exterior design is about concretizing ideas that turn loose images through their heads.
The motivation to design exteriors can be strongly driven by both the personality of the professional and the demand of customers. It is one of the dilemmas of the architect profession.

In all cases, the exterior design must attend to the balance with Nature or with the urban environment and not only for aesthetic reasons. 

Exteriors of the houses.

The designs for a house contemplate the outdoor environments and the relationship with the environment. From outside a house you can see its shape, design and appearance. Facades, gardens and patios complete the residential architecture. The exteriors of the houses frame the architectural work. That is why the facades, exterior doors, windows and finishes, gardens, fences, driveways, access paths and so on are so valued.
In the exterior of the house there are  functional and decorative, aesthetic and style elements . It’s not just about the front yard, it’s about the architectural designs for the exteriors that complement the home, even develop a theme .
Here are entries from this same architecture blog with relevant information about the exterior aspects of houses .
Exterior decoration :  elements that define the aesthetics and style outside the house.

  • House covered with artificial grass.
  • Colored facades.
  • Labyrinths
  • Door knockers.
  • Openwork metal at the entrance.
  • Christmas ornamentation.
  • Weather vanes.
  • Animated weather vane.
  • Handmade weather vane.

Equipment for outside the house :  outdoor facilities and furniture.

  • Architect designed dog house.
  • Garden and outdoor showers.
  • Outdoor hammock.
  • Scandinavian outdoor furniture.
  • Floating platforms toys in the water.

Garden :  lawn, plants, flowers and trees surrounding the house.

  • House and garden.
  • Glass enclosure.
  • Gardening and landscaping.
  • Log slide.

Floors :  sidewalks, paths and paths outside the house.

  • Cobblestones on the sidewalk.
  • Cedar wood deck.

Lawn Covered House

It is a contemporary house built in Austria with a synthetic grass exterior covering. Work of GRID Architects under the concept of  camouflage,  to pay tribute to the natural landscape of the Austrian countryside and especially for its green hills. Modern architecture breaks into the landscape but also harmonizes, since it is considered of great value to integrate the house with its surroundings.
This  modern house  baptized as Amalia House, is organized on two levels and completely covered with a blanket of artificial grass. The ingenious geometric design creates space to leave the car outdoors but indoors. Inside, through the openings the landscape can be seen as painted on the walls. There are three levels and from the top one the natural environment is better appreciated.

Colored Facade

ery colorful veneer and wood facades with a wide palette . Picturesque in the City of Buenos Aires. The neighborhood of La Boca next to the Riachuelo in the Vuelta de Roca has a famous corner,  Calle Museo Caminito with old houses painted in many bright colors. These photos were obtained by walking the 100 meters of Caminito and its surroundings.
It is a tourist attraction that identifies Buenos Aires. The houses are linked in their history to immigration and boats.

Old houses for workers next to the Riachuelo port, the first in Buenos Aires. Made of wood and veneer, painted with remains of paint for boats and hence the variety of colors. Today it is its identity and the main reason that leads every tourist who comes to the city to pass through that corner.



In the gardens the labyrinths  came to gain relevance. We are linked to labyrinths since ancient Mythology. That is why they are valid and many people are attracted to the power to have a  labyrinth in their garden or on the floor  of a living room in their home. As   home decorating resource , they are definitely great resources

Mazes  can be formed with the help of a kit  and there are kit designs to be made with grass, pavement, or floor building materials such as ceramic, marble and wood.
Kits can be purchased to make mazes with your own hands and with the help of a manual. 

Door Knockers

Door knockers are classic accessories for openings, fittings that make up the identity of a house . The main door is of great importance and therefore the knocker is elaborate and, if possible, unique, like a piece of craftsmanship. Before doorbells, metal door knockers (Hardware) existed for a long time.
Nothing better than seeing several models of knockers to get inspired and add one to the door or find a design approximate to personal taste. Door knockers, like weather vanes, have a certain spirit that accompanies the house and its inhabitants.
Bronze is the metal of choice for making residential home door knockers. The importance of a home is accentuated by the knocker on its main access door.

Outdoor furniture is perfect accents in your home .


Patio furniture for the outdoors is often expensive. You must pay attention to the qualities of the furniture before purchasing it, this is something very important. One way to add value to your money is to make sure that the items you can buy last longer. Outdoor furniture can be one of the best investments you can make, make sure it is worth the price to pay. You can choose from different styles and designs ranging from traditional to modern to suit your open space. 

Furniture is one of the most important things to spend your money wisely, because furniture gives you many advantages. One of the most appreciable advantages of garden furniture is comfort. There are times when you may feel bored indoors or even uncomfortable, but if you go to the garden, the cool breeze will make you feel more relaxed.  

They are outdoor accents that come in many styles, colors, and patterns. It is your personal decision what color or style of furniture you want to use in the house. It is also important to consider where you are going to add accents. For example, if you want to place furniture in your small garden, you will not be able to place many large chairs or tables. Similarly, if you have a large pool, a single table will not suffice as an outdoor accent. 

When it comes to choosing furniture to complete your outdoor spaces, you can also opt for special pillows or cushions. Since the houses are decorated in various colors, there are different color options. Decorate your home with colorful pillows, or bring your garden to life with a floral motif on your cushions. Small outdoor furniture is accessible pieces and practical resources to solve accents.

House Gardens

Plants and trees frame homes, expand spaces, inspire and even create a language The  plants, trees and grass in the garden  are the result of man’s work on nature to collect, combine and appreciate something gratifying to his soul. Man makes his effort and nature gives him its fruits. Gardens are good frameworks for house architecture.
Living plants inside houses provide more than just decoration, they renew the air and add warmth to environments. Good architecture does not exclude nature, on the contrary, it complements it.
In this entry there is a list of others dedicated to gardens and related matters. Review the information and pictures, they are inspiring for new projects.
The  gardens give life to the houses  together with those who inhabit them. You can always find a space for a garden, even a very small one, both outside and inside the house, even a vertical garden.


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