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Whatever your terrace, it has thousands of possibilities. Make the most of yours with these decorating trends

Who has a house with a terrace has a treasure

 A phrase that you may have heard sometime in the past, but that in the last year has made more sense than ever. It is time to enjoy outside with terraces, patios, balconies and gardens . All those who have an outdoor area in their house are finishing the preparations to get it ready for the spring-summer season . The trends in decoration for this 2021 come loaded with great ideas to get the most out of that treasure that you have in your home.

When decorating a terrace (large, small or medium), the first thing to consider is how you are going to use it . If you like to dine outdoors or have an aperitif at noon in the sun, you have to think about a small dining room . On the other hand, if you just want to spend time contemplating the views, you cannot miss out on a comfortable sofa and / or armchair, or even a hanging hammock. Although if there are meters to dream and design, why decide on one of the two options?

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To all of the above, it must be added that, nowadays, terraces or balconies have become multipurpose spaces that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. For decades, many families chose to “put the terrace in the living room”, which they defended with that of “so we win one more room”. But that was before, where once it was decided to “close” the terrace, that is, a room with good light, but with simple windows. The glass curtainsThey have led to a revolution in the sector and in the way of conceiving that outer space. With them, a porch can be totally isolated from the inclement weather or open to the garden without any impediment. If this option is contemplated, it would be necessary to consider a furniture that would serve for the whole year, or – it depends on each person and their pocket – have two games to dress the terrace according to the time of year .


Taking advantage of every inch will be useful if the meters of your terrace are not many, but taking advantage does not mean filling! The first thing is to give the optimal seat . A solution goes through the flown bench on one of the walls or in an “L”, if there is space. If that wall and the bench also share material (it can be wood), it will give continuity and spaciousness to the room. You can also opt for director type chairs , which can be folded if you want to save space while you are not using them. Mats and cushions ; with a stool, is another solution that invites you to relax more lightly. This option, together with a rug (several can be stacked to get a softer feel) and a low table, either metal or wood, it would be a perfect set. As for colors, then that, according to taste. But the neutral triumphs, highlighting the stripes on the cushions or vintage style. Tropical roll prints are also gaining followers, but everything must have a certain harmony or coherence.

To all this you always have to add flowers and plants . If we are talking about a small terrace, use large leaf plants in combination with ferns, for example, it will generate a feeling of greater space. Playing with variety will create a unique space. Use various sizes and shapes of planters . Natural or artificial plants can also coexist in the same space, as the Cordovan decorator Felisa Vega tends to project in her designs.

Likewise, there are those who have really little space and prefer to use it as a garden or orchard . It is another option to enjoy the outdoor area. Be that as it may, having this space outdoors should be prescribed by doctors; and more in times of Covid.


Size Matters? You are right. And speaking of terraces, too. When the meters are not a problem – it can be understood that the economic is not either -, it is time to have, create and prepare to enjoy while our body is loaded with vitamin D. The possibilities multiply to satisfy the needs. A large one-story terrace can perfectly fit a small garden / orchard / greenhouse area on one side; while in the other you can install a set of outdoor furniture with two rattan armchairs and a matching table in the center. The natural fibers They are a trend in the world of decoration, both for interior and exterior. In this case, for terraces it is usually present in furniture, although it can also be in a carpet, magazine rack or lamp.

If you have a larger space, the ideal is to divide the space into two areas: one for relaxation and the other with an outdoor dining room . Maintaining the harmony of materials and chromatic range, it is already a matter of knowing how big you need the table. If you do not plan to move it from where you install them, concrete and cement tables have become very fashionable . Regarding the differentiation of areas, the use of artificial grass, carpets and wooden outdoor floors provide the perfect game of colors to delimit the spaces .

As in small terraces, the plant section is very important and must always be present . Another factor to take into account is the lighting that is provided to the room. Without it, no matter how beautiful you decorate it, when night falls you will not be able to enjoy it. The same goes for creating shadow . Awnings on pergolas or box, as well as large umbrellas should take center stage in our outdoor areas so that they can be enjoyed for as long as possible.

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