How to get a cozy bedroom

by 33admin

Our bedroom is the most intimate and personal place in the house, it is ours. There we take refuge from the noise of the street, it is where we rest, dream, make plans, and make love. That is why it is very important that it be a space where we feel good, a cozy space, and also according to our tastes.

They say that there is nothing written about tastes, but when it comes to decorating or redecorating the bedroom, which as we have said is a place to relax, to rest, to give ourselves to sleep, the best thing to decorate is light and cold tones, white , green, light blue, cream or beige. Therefore, very strong or garish colors are not the best option: red, orange, yellow. Because they will keep you alert and if you want to be in “rest” mode, they will not help you at all. You can combine a whole range of shades of the same color for the sheets and duvets as well as for the walls and objects. An excellent combination can be various shades of brown, which is a very warm color, which we associate with nature. The wooden wardrobe can be accompanied by shades of a darker brown for the curtains or blinds, a tan color for the cover, a sand color for the bedside table and for the walls two tones, white and beige.

Keep the order That is a very important detail, which you must take into account, especially if the bedroom is small, you have to keep it in order to be cozy. Getting to rest in a space where there are clothes or objects in disorder everywhere does not work. Less is more. Leave essential items in the bedroom. Books, music, movies, find a space for them in the living room. Having fewer items in the bedroom will make it easier to tidy up. There are specialists who recommend not having televisions in the bedroom because the rays they emit will later make it difficult for you to rest. In the bedroom it is better to leave only the essential furniture and objects. The heart of the room is the bed, so it should be of quality. In addition, choosing a good mattress has everything to do with your comfort and a restful and restful sleep.

The importance of space How big is the bedroom you are decorating? Is it small or do you have room to spare? It is an important element to take into account both when choosing the colors of the decoration and the amount of furniture or objects that you will have there. Light colors on the walls, in addition to helping rest, will give a feeling of spaciousness to the room, fill it with light, while dark tones have the opposite effect. However, you can use those darker tones to create some contrast on rugs, a nightstand on the nightstand, on cushions, the top of the bed. This way the decoration will not be flat. Plants in the bedroom This is a super current trend. Add plants to the bedroom decoration, which always give a warm, different touch to the spaces and make them very happy. Do you join this new trend? If you buy the right plants for closed places, shade plants, they will not require much care and they will fill your room with oxygen. When you go to buy them, preferably choose plants of a stronger tone. You have to water them little and if you can leave the window open during the day so that they get some light and air. They will refresh the atmosphere of your bedroom a lot. The ideal plant for the bedroom is the ficus, which is a vertically growing shade plant. Another ideal plant for the bedroom, which also has many healing properties is aloe vera. Another beautiful plant to decorate your bedroom is the sanseveira. But if you have large windows you can buy a monstera, its huge leaves will beautify your bedroom. The right lighting Something very important for rest, in addition to choosing a good mattress, is definitely the right lighting. In the bedroom it is essential. To make it cozy, the decoration and objects that you have there are not enough, the light must be soft and warm, it must invite you to relax. To easily control the intensity of the light, dimmers can help you.

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