Kitchen Gadgets

by author

Start this off by saying you don’t need to drop a whole paycheck on tools to be a good cook.

Good tools do help quite a bit.

My favorite tools, I’m going to talk about tools that I actually think are absolutely essential hugely useful to me and I feel like. 

Let’s start with the absolute Necessities.

First thing is super obvious, I’m sorry but a knife and cutting board. If you’re not starting with this then you are in trouble.

This alone helps way more than you would think. Other than just cutting stuff, it’s super economical if you don’t want to buy a bunch of mechanical things to go to the food processor.

 Next thing is a personal favorite of mine, which is a pair of nice kitchen shears. These come in handy way more than you would think. Small tasks like removing tub stocks from stuff without damaging your knife, cutting through small bones in my chicken and fish. 

Use some of these and get down and dirty with also that painters tape and a Sharpie really great for helping  you keep track of all your stuff.

But the one that I would really recommend is a micrograte, which is really the best greater on the planet. If you want those nice add threads. 

As for pots and pans you know people really like to overcomplicate this. Just think about what you like to cook a lot or the things that you might be cooking and get the appropriate size. 

I have you know a small medium and large of every style of pot and pan because that’s how I like to be ready. I would just recommend having different kinds of sizes. Have some that are non-stick, have some that are cast iron from a big pans that you can put in the oven because they’re multi-purpose and you can use small amounts of stuff in them or finish a steak in the oven.

 If they’re heat-safe on the handle. You need different sized spoons because you can make more spooning puns and be for multiple uses in cooking. Some will be for basting, some willbe saucin, during which you know efficiency. 

 Just you know the little things counter everybody has measuring spoons cuz I want you to do recipes in grams. 

All baking trays and wire racks are the multi-purpose king of any kitchen. The rows of tons of things in them use them for baking cookies.

The wire racks can be used to drizzle chocolate over stuff or to ice Donuts or whatever’s there Falls beneath; and is easy to clean up. 

It Has just so many uses now if you’ve known me long enough you know that I’m a big fan of jars, the storage love of my life for fermentation pickling. You know you can put sauces in them.

They’re just too good and they look so nice. 

I’m all about that jar aesthetic and I’m saying that the last Central side would be a stirring spoon. I don’t like to use metal stirring spoons. I much prefer to use something like a wooden stirring spoon or a silicone spatula, which are also great for scraping stuff out.

The reason why I prefer them is that you can use them for pretty much any service because they don’t scratch non-stick and they just look a whole lot nicer.

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