Perks for Senior Homeowners?

by author

Noticing aches and pains to ask yourself when you started to grow every time you got up from a chair has wrinkles and gray hair come in? 

Is it really hot in here? Is there anything positive about becoming a senior? Yes there is!

 I’m  here to talk about the perks of becoming an older dog.

I’ve already been invited and should be in the ranks of AARP upon becoming a 50.

How do you define what a senior is? What age that is made there might be different parts of different ages, but let’s start with tax planning for retirement. 

Initial beginning of November so all sorts of changes have been attacked while by the time we are but as of now in 2017 and you can deduct if you make Ira contributions.

If  you save $500 and if you’re over 50 or over, you get an extra $1,000 on top of that you can put more away the older you get.

Now they’re all sorts of rules of tax law all right, so they make a lot of different rules if you’re not covered by any employee’s plan. You can qualify for that large reduction if you are covered by an important plan, some of that total deduction may come down to.

What else is there that’s a perk for senior class? 

The senior is Oak Ridge Place. Your business kind of comes up with their own definition.

So if you’re defined as a senior you’ll maybe go to the grocery store. They might have a special day for seniors, when they give me a discount or when you are shopping.

Go airline tickets sometimes if seniors discount that car rentals alternative bands. Sometimes they willl have it or fast food restaurants will have senior discounts over.

If you don’t see that it doesn’t hurt to ask. 

If you want to ask okay so how about our own snow real estate anything that is a change.

Ohio has a benefit for older people; if you’re 65 or older your property tax bill can be reduced.

 If they do that fight, taking the value of your house and we’re just going to buy $25,000 now since 2015 and I’ll have an income not only age test for the income.

 Test income has to be below a little over $31,000 to $1,800. It’s below that you can qualify for words for reducing your property tax, and estate, which they estimated, says around $400 a year.

 If you are still worth it. Now well it all if you want if you don’t mind eating it is very early to have the early bird specials. 

All right, good perks Glam senior think there are perks of becoming a senior to go along with the maturity in the wisdom of course there’s some savings too.

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