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The exterior design consists of delimiting the different spaces that surround the house, and attributing a function to them. Paths that open the way to the house, garage access, parking, terrace, lawn, green areas, space dedicated to well-being, … they can be very different spaces.

Why is it important to choose your exterior design well?

Carrying out an exterior design project at home allows you to get a global vision of the garden, and assign a purpose to each area. Indeed, it is better to have lived in the house for some time before thinking about its design to achieve a result that carefully adjusts to your lifestyle, as well as adapts to the particularities of your environment (sun exposure, spaces blown by the wind …).

What issues should you consider to get your exterior design project right?

To make the right choice for your exterior design project, we consider that you must first answer these three questions:


What type of exterior design will best suit my lifestyle?


What purposes and uses do I want to give to the spaces that are going to be renovated?

What technical limits will condition my exterior design project?


The answers to these questions will help you choose materials that are appropriate for each project, and that are consistent.


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