Modern Houses 2021 100 images of facades and interiors

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Modern architecture is a term applied to a group of styles that arose in the first half of the 20th century and became dominant after World War II. It is based on new construction technologies, in particular the use of glass, steel and reinforced concrete, rejecting the neoclassical architecture that was popular in the 19th century.

We will show you below, facades, exteriors, interior design and decoration of modern houses. With the industrial revolution, the availability of building materials such as iron, steel and glass, led to the invention of new construction techniques.

Facades and exteriors of modern houses

Straight lines

Modern architecture and decoration have varied over the years, adapting to the characteristics of the present and representing the way of life of today.

Hundreds of years ago the walls were very wide, and the windows were small. Today modern houses leave large expanses of glass and much narrower walls. The lines of modern architecture are straight, and right angles replace curves, the gabled roof, and carving techniques. In recent years the incorporation of aerodynamic lines and the bold use of steel has increased.

As the years go by, everything evolves and trends are changing presenting innovations. Architecture is one of the things that is changing thanks to new materials, technology and new techniques. Today architects can create truly impressive and unique buildings.

Incorporate the topographic of the terrain

Modern architecture almost always tries to incorporate the topographic of the land on which the house is built, which is why large windows and the use of unevenness are important.

Concrete, wood or steel facades

These materials are being used a lot in modern facades.

Interiors and decoration of modern houses

Functionality and comfort

The modern style is the one that has gained the most popularity in recent decades. What makes this style of decoration so popular is that it gives the feeling of a cosmopolitan, comfortable and functional lifestyle.

The furniture should offer clean lines and should be complemented with few decorative elements. Leaving ample space to walk around the furniture is essential.


It is preferable to keep the floors without carpets. If you want a rug, it should match the decor but not stand out. Adding a rug to delimit an area can be a good idea. You can even expose the concrete and add a patina of color. Wood floors are also perfect for achieving a modern look in the home.

Neutral colors

Although the predominant color palette in modern houses is neutral, that is, white, beige, brown, gray, small touches of color can be given through furniture, decorative items such as cushions, as well as colored illustrations to decorate walls. It is important to add few decorative elements such as cushions and table decorations.

Minimalist curtains

Despite the floors without too much treatment, it is important to treat the windows in a modern style. Do not choose fabrics with patterns that are too flashy, you should always maintain a predominant minimalism. In the case of high windows, the use of remote control technology can be considered.

In this second example, we see a work by the architect Ana Noguera. It is a 16th century medieval-style house in Girona, Spain, which has been renovated into 2 luxurious apartments, which juxtapose medieval style with the most modern elements, to give visitors an unbeatable feeling of comfort.

Few walls

Contrary to other styles, in the modern style the feeling of several rooms occupying the same space is perfect. The most prominent features include interior plans with fewer walls.

This is the main concept of modern lofts. Lofts are becoming more and more popular, especially for those looking for a modern space. The name loft means a large plant, generally not fragmented. It is a large space without separation between the different rooms and the presence of a second floor is very characteristic.

Without a doubt, it is a very original and modern idea, which often requires a great design capacity, since since it does not have walls, the creation of different spaces can be difficult.

A great idea for space separation is to use furniture. For example, to separate a kitchen from a dining room, the use of an island or high table is a perfect idea. Another example, separating a bedroom from the living room, using a metal and glass structure.

Another way to create different spaces is by using rugs or different finishes on the floor. For example, the living room with a large carpet and the dining room with another type of flooring. Same with painting. Paint one space in one color and another space in a different color.

As for furniture, it is important to choose furniture that combines with the modern space and also, it is important to maintain free spaces to be able to move around without difficulty. Don’t add too much furniture.

Pools or fountains

It is about integrating the water element into the interiors of the houses, either through a pool or fountain.


For a good balance with nature, indoor gardens are also often placed. It all depends on your preferences when it comes to architectural designs.

But we always have the option of placing potted plants.

Minimalist storage

If you use cabinets and storage elements, these should integrate perfectly with the architecture of the house. And if possible, keep low.

Large windows

Summer is the season when most of us vacation outdoors, but there are some lucky people who get to experience nature all year round.

The houses built with glass walls, each season, change their image for those who observe from within, giving shades of green leaves, autumn gold, white winters with the mountains in the background, or why not the sea. It is one of the most impressive features of some modern houses.

Wall-to-wall windows have some issues, like privacy and heat gain, but they also provide a large view, lots of natural light, and best of all, a sense of connection to the landscape outside.

As you can see in the image above, it would seem as if the garden were inside the living room, a really fantastic feeling, and with good outdoor lighting, at night it can give an unimaginable effect. For areas like those shown in the photos, surrounded by thick vegetation, there is no problem, because the exposure is minimal.

Spectacular, but ready to show everything? Absolutely everything that happens in your bedroom. Obviously it has curtains, but precisely the idea is to have them closed as little as possible.

If you are one of the lucky ones that you have the possibility of living in front of such a splendid view as that of a large garden, take advantage of it, develop your house so that your whole life passes in front of that beautiful landscape.

It could be said as a final summary that glass walls are an excellent idea, as long as they are applied to houses in the country, mountains, forest, with a large fenced garden, or at the height of a building, if they are wants to preserve privacy.

This is a construction of the Spanish architecture company A-cero. The main characteristics are luxury, comfort and design, which are reflected in beautiful homes.

As for the luminosity, most of it is given by the implementation of large windows and skylights in the main rooms. At the same time, the white on the walls increases the feeling of luminosity and cleanliness, making the space a very livable place.

Mix of materials and textures

It is about using materials with different textures. The materials used are basically marble, wood, tiles (in kitchens and bathrooms).

Rustic elements such as stone walls and wooden ceilings can be exposed, combining them with modern materials such as steel and glass, achieving a truly spectacular contrast of textures.

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