12 spectacular terraces (which you can enjoy throughout the year)

by 33admin

Although it is true that the terraces have that special flavor of summer and a warm breeze, the ideal would be that it was a space that is available to be enjoyed all year round.

And what seems so far away, sometime comes true and your terrace adapts to your needs, regardless of the season or the temperature. 

In this book of ideas we are going to show you how modern style can give you everything you dream of from a terrace to be outdoors with great comfort and tranquility.

Let’s celebrate together this tour that we have prepared for twelve versions of the most charming and inspiring.

It all comes down to relaxation

When we think of a terrace, some imagine feasting on grilled meats with friends and family. It would be the perfect excuse for meetings and guaranteed camaraderie.

However, a terrace, in addition to satisfying carnivores, can be synonymous with pure relaxation. Some good sofas that overflow with comfort are enough for this desire and the company of a few drinks cannot be absent.


The good thing about modern style is that it allows the freedom of not being so strict and feeding on materials or aesthetics that would border on the rustic.

The richness of this combination gives a mixture of textures as different as stainless steel and rattan or the most natural textiles.

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