Insanely Awesome Gadgets for the Family

by author

The chances that you have a friend or family member that loves gadgets are extremely high. Most of us rely on our gadgets for daily use. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest ones available today.

Up next, is a  gift idea for the tech guy who wants to start taking photos, shoot videos or maybe even start a YouTube channel. Check out this Sony zv-1, it’s small, it’s portable and it’s extremely powerful. You’re getting beautiful 4K video slow motion with 120 frames per second, a fully articulating touchscreen 24 to 70 f 1.82 f 2.8 zoom lens and a lot of other great features. I love that this is an all-in-one so there’s no need to spend money on additional lenses and he’s going to be ready to start creating content.

Another great gift idea is an iPad. The iPad 8 is a great option for someone who wants to get into the iPad world on a budget. It has plenty of power and a good display and will work great for someone who’s looking for an entry-level iPad. The Next Step Up is the iPad Air 4. In terms of price and features as a better display, better speakers upgraded Touch ID and more advanced accessories. The iPad Pro is the top-of-the-line. This is the right fit for someone who wants the most powerful tablet on the market.

 I always wanted and I thought I would like but then when I finally got one I liked it so much more than I expected. This is the easy Prime 3 electric scooter from Razor. It’s light enough to carry, it has a top speed of 18 miles per hour or 29 kilometers per hour. It has a 250 watt motor and a 36 volt long-range lithium ion battery rated up to 15 miles or 24 kilometers on a single charge. I’m telling you it’s practically impossible to ride one of these without smiling.

The next gift idea is simple inexpensive and very useful this is the echo Dot and it’s Amazon’s most popular smart speaker with Alexa it extremely simple to set up and offers voice control for music audio books and podcast it’s always ready to help with Alexa and Christy loves the fact that she can instantly drop in on any room in the house without having to track us down.

The orbit key is next to all your daily use items.  I organize my daily items so you can open the case by just flipping it. Open or you can actually think our keys off by filling it vertically so that is very little part over here. 

I have my airpods, my SD card case, my eye drops, glasses, SSD, and my pack of gum. All neatly organized by these dividers in here to control the situation.

You can customize it and stick it anywhere and it’s surprisingly really strong, so when you put it on it is still the same. Also on the top there’s a lot of slots for your SD card, your business card, and in that part over here I have what every man should have nowadays, alcohol wipes.  

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