10 Ideas to organize the house in quarantine and improve coexistence

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The ideas to organize the house that we offer you here are very efficient to generate space and order in the house. Properties that we need at all times, especially these days that we have to spend a lot of time indoors.

To feel comfortable in an environment we must have space and order. Otherwise it can impair our quality of life and our spirits.

Why is it necessary to organize the house?
Living in an orderly and clean environment is healthy and generates good spirits, because it fights stress and helps you better organize the other aspects of your life. Such as food, study, work, rest, exercise, aspects that are difficult to organize and when you achieve it you feel overcome.

A clear sign that our house needs order is when we need to find an element and for this we turn the whole house around. It is very likely that now we will not easily find what we are looking for because we did a quick cleaning by “hiding” in the closet, cupboards and drawers everything we could to generate space.

At that time it was the fastest solution, but over time we will realize that it is temporary and we will need twice as long to order the house to make it functional.

Ideas to organize the house
In these days that we must stay at home, we will have enough time to generate order, cleanliness and space that we will appreciate throughout the year and more. Obviously, if we follow the few rules of order.

Perhaps the first step is the most difficult of all and is the thorough cleaning, discarding the things that you no longer need. Those things that you no longer need can create disorder in your house and perhaps there is another person who at this moment needs it and is looking for it.

So if you have to get rid of it, before you throw it in the trash, ask if anyone needs it on social media and give them away or sell them. Carrying out a general cleaning, organizing everything to find it quickly and generating space will make the house become a functional, pleasant, harmonized home and facilitate coexistence among the people who live in it.

How to organize the house simply and quickly
It is the ideal time, so let’s leave the excuses out and start creating a more pleasant environment. For this project to be simple, we must follow the famous “divide and triumph” strategy.

With these ideas to organize the house you will solve the question of how to organize the house in a short time and start enjoying it as soon as possible. So, we will divide the house into smaller zones and in the end we will achieve success, a neat, clean, pleasant and functional house. In addition, the more people involved in this project the faster it will be done and the more valued the result will be.

Even children can cooperate, which is a good idea, because they will later be in charge of keeping their things in order. How to leave the clothes to be washed in the basket assigned for it, keep the supplies on your desk and the toys in the corresponding space.

So, divide the house into zones by rooms, thinking that the order of one can create disorder in others. But you have to focus on one room until you finish. Assign a day for each room and comply with that agenda.

If you think you need to redecorate a section of the house, ask professional decorators for advice.

10 Ideas to organize the house in quarantine
There are several techniques that allow you to tidy up and then maintain order in the house. In this way, all the inhabitants of the house will know where everything is stored and, most importantly, where it should be stored once it is no longer used.

Ideas to organize the house
Sort by categories
It is time to think about how to organize the house globally and separate all the things in the house by category according to their use. For example, books, clothes, food, games, tools and more. Then everything that at this moment you see saved in different places brings to its new location.

When you start organizing, you will realize what you need and what you don’t. Put those things in a large box that will be destined to donate or sell.

From the least complicated to the most
It is simpler to sort and organize clothes, shoes, purses and accessories, than toys, photos and souvenirs, which you may have to do alone. Then go to the books and tools.

Follow the plan of the day
When you start and finish a room, you will see the results in the moment. This will motivate you to continue through the rest of the environments.

Clothes by colors and folded in three folds
On the one hand, there is a very effective technique to organize clothes in the closet. Which consists of ordering them by color, regardless of what garment it is. So no time is wasted choosing the various combinations.

On the other hand, in order to accommodate everything in less space, each garment can be folded between

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