How to organize a messy house: 9 tips and tricks

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The current lifestyle, lack of time and smaller houses sometimes prevent us from keeping our house well organized . And it is not only a question of aesthetics, the disorder directly affects our health. Therefore, looking for a solution will also be of great help for our emotional well-being.  We tell you how to organize a messy house with the 9 best tips and tricks, really useful and simple, so you can enjoy your home in harmony.

1. Throw away what you don’t use

You can even sell it, donate it or give it to someone who can give you a real profit . Getting rid, in one way or another, of what you have not used for a long time will help you free up space and keep your home more organized and clear, so it will also be easier for you to carry out daily cleaning tasks.

Spend a reasonable time to carry out a first selection of those pieces,  kitchen or bathroom  accessories, clothes or shoes that really have not been useful for a long time.

Although it can be difficult to get rid of depending on what things, as soon as you have made a first selection, you can analyze if you really need these objects or not and thus make the final decision. 

Take into account the 80/20 rule, one of the most important to get how to organize a messy house, which indicates that we only use 20% of the things we have. The best starting point that will help you realize that we are surrounded by things that we surely do not need.

2. A place for everything and everything in its place

Each piece or object has a predetermined place. Try to assign a specific place for each item and try to keep it in place. 

If, for some reason, certain objects have to be in a different room than usual, do not wait to pick it up and reposition it too long, since you will end up accumulating unnecessary things in places that do not correspond and, with the passage of time, it will be more complicated and expensive to re-organize.

3. Compartment drawers, the great allies to organize a messy house

The  drawers compartmentalized correctly ordered, either in the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room or bedroom are a key element that will help in the arduous task of how to organize a messy house.

Make sure that the chaos outside does not take over the inside of the drawers by using trays and dividers to make the most of the available space, that everything is in view and is easily accessible.

If you have enough space, try to place the same type of element inside the drawers. Although it may seem very obvious, use the drawer for tablecloths, exclusively for tablecloths and napkins, for towels, only perfectly folded towels, etc. 

If you add other pieces of a different nature, it will be difficult for you to find what you need at all times, so you will lose the focus of the organization.

Choose the drawer organizers that you prefer, made of wood, plastic, metallic, transparent … and use them to keep underwear and socks neatly organized in the upper drawers of a  dresser or siphon, in the bedroom, for example.

For the bathroom they are also very useful, since you can distribute the cottons and utensils that you use daily, well organized on the sink counter and those that you do not use so often, in one of the cabinets.

4. Kitchen always impeccable

The kitchen is one of the rooms where disorder accumulates the most. This is because we spend a great deal of time at home here and use many items to cook or eat, so returning them to the right place, after having used them, will be essential to ensure that chaos does not take over this space .

Help yourself with accessories that allow you to facilitate this task by using spice racks to properly store spices, transparent glass jars to quickly see what is inside and compartments for cutlery, for example.

Designing the interiors of drawers and cabinets with rotating or removable dividers or trays will also allow you to find and take what you need, without having to turn everything around.

In addition, as we have mentioned in the first point, it is not necessary that you have a collection of 5 different pans or saucepans of the same size. Throw away what you don’t use and keep only what is necessary or the newest.

The pantry space in the kitchen is also a source of clutter. To prevent packages of flour, sugar, salt, rice, coffee, etc. from accumulating, try to use transparent jars for each ingredient. Buy only what is finished or see that there is little left and put it in the jar that corresponds to it as soon as you arrive from the supermarket. This way you will avoid the accumulation and possible expiration of the food.

5. Clear out conflicting surfaces

Some pieces, such as the dinning table, the hall shelf or the kitchen counter are especially susceptible to us using them to place lots of objects.

Try to clear them every night, before going to sleep and put everything in its place. Do it routinely, to avoid that the days go by and objects that should not be there accumulate in them.

If you place a decorative or floral composition in the center of the dining table, for example, you may unintentionally become aware that it is not a storage surface, so the space will always look more orderly.

6. How to tidy up the children’s room (and keep it tidy)

The children’s room is one of the most difficult to keep in order. Not for nothing, the smallest of the house seem experts in messing up. The easiest way is to get them used to order and cleanliness, but they may need help.

The use of boxes, shelves and other methods of organization can also be applied to the children’s room. In this way, it is easier for them to collect their clothes or toys each day by themselves, and to feel motivated.

7. How to organize a messy house: the bedroom

Leaving clothes on the bed or an armchair in the bedroom when we return from work is a very common practice that can turn our room into an unpleasant and untidy space.

Get in the habit of hanging it back in the closet, folding it in a drawer, or putting it in the laundry basket as soon as you’ve undressed. 

To make it easier for you, make sure that the interior of your closet is well planned, with the bars, shelves, drawers and organization accessories that you need, depending on your needs and habits.

Analyze if you prefer to hang your clothes on hangers or fold them and store them in drawers or shelves, if you need more space for pants and jackets and make sure that the clothes are well placed and you can easily pick them up when you need them, without taking it apart that you have around.

To achieve this and enjoy a perfectly organized closet or dressing room, you will also have to clean clothes, at least twice a year, taking advantage of the seasonal change of clothes.

8. Clearer rooms

The living room is one of the rooms in which we accumulate more unnecessary or wrong things.

To maintain order in this space, use baskets in which you can always place different objects in an orderly way . Do not mix different elements in the same basket because if you need to find something specific you will have to scramble everything until you locate it.

Organizing it intelligently, taking into account the frequency of time with which you use each item will be of great help to keep the room more pleasant and clear.

9. Tidy up a messy house: don’t forget other rooms

We have talked about the living room, the kitchen, the children’s rooms and the bedroom. But if you want to keep your house tidy, you can’t forget about the bathroom and other rooms.

The bathroom is a great candidate for chaos: creams, brushes, makeup, hair dryer… In this room, the use of compartmentalized shelves and drawers is almost very important to maintain a sense of order.

Similarly, you can apply these ideas to the garden, garage and other places in the house. You will get an organized and calm environment in your whole house easily !

Get down to work and enjoy a more serene and cozy home, perfectly organized. You will be able to save time and money and live in a more relaxed and stable way.

Now that you know how to organize a messy house,  do you sign up for order at home?

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