Decorate the ceiling on a budget

by 33admin

Be the standard white! The ceiling is now such an important element in a space that is often referred to as the fifth wall of decoration. Adding a painting or design element to the ceiling can really change the space from ho-hum to reverent, but the best news is that decorating the ceiling is a very cost-effective way to refresh the space.

If you want to consider boring ceiling boring protein, here are some ceiling decorating ideas to get your creativity going.

In small places, painting the ceiling the same color as the walls (or one of the shades) can create more space in the room.
When casting on the ceiling, try a neutral color (such as light beige, ivory, or gray) on the ceiling to make the formatting really pop out and give your place a sufficient look.
If the walls and furniture are neutral in color, consider copying your main color to the ceiling (classic colors like rich plums or red often work well) to draw your eyes up and add some ambiance to your room.
Stickers, templates, or even decoupage work well on a smooth ceiling and give a room a surprising component that truly lends a personal touch to a space or individual look, painting a drawing on the ceiling to draw your eyes up.
Small decorative wood moldings are cheap, and with a little paint or stains and a little hot glue, the ceiling can be easily transformed into the most interesting feature of the space.
A ceiling can behave like an expensive, drawn-up ceiling if you have painted a soft layer or edging on the edge of the ceiling. Choose two similar color colors for the look.
Decorating ideas
Cool colors tend to retreat to space, while warm colors often bring something closer, so keep this in mind when choosing ceiling paint colors.
If you choose to make your ceiling your main color element in your room, don’t forget to disperse your wealth by adding parallel pillows, vases and other decorative accessories.

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