Glass floors, glass spaces


Spaces in glass, is a firm with more than 20 years of experience in the glass sector, creating spaces and working in the world of high decoration. Glass spaces, offers solutions to create environments that visually expand the space, giving a more modern image in which aesthetics prevail. For this, it incorporates the most innovative materials such as printed glass, smart glass, rear-projected sheets, glass assembled with mesh, cloth, broken or cracked glass, and curved glass.

In contemporary architecture, floors of large buildings are covered entirely in glass. In these buildings, natural light is the protagonist and is considered a fundamental element that brings life to the spaces. We can see glass floors in all types of buildings such as offices, shopping centers, train stations, airports and public buildings. Any building can be made of glass and its applications are almost endless.

Vetrolux, spaces in glass, offers the widest range of glass floors with high resistance to scratches and with anti-slip treatments for interior or exterior use, achieving elegance and safety. The company presents two large groups: non-slip stepped glass and tempered laminated glass.

Non-slip walk-on glasses are laminated safety glass, especially indicated for floors that stand out for their decorative versatility since there are two types of non-slip forms: by transparent non-slip screen printing, suitable for interiors, and by highly non-slip translucent screen printing. Both options can be combined with translucent or colored polyvinyl butyral.

And tempered laminated glasses are glasses that are given a heat treatment to increase their resistance. It also consists of two glass sheets joined together thanks to one or more plastic sheets. In case of shock or impact, these films keep the glass together, the glass breaks but into pieces that remain attached to the films.

Glass pavements provoke elegant sensations, which make the space unique, and Vetrolux, glass spaces is the best option to achieve this.     

Applications: Floors, stairs, walkways, swimming pools, walkable ceilings, walkways, etc …

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