10 Great and Economic Ideas To Decorate Your Home

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For your house to have style, you don’t need to spend a millionaire. Sometimes it is enough to throw away things you have on hand, some time, and a lot of imagination!

Whether you are looking to renovate your home or decide to start from scratch, it is always advisable to take into account some details when shaping your decoration. To transform your house into a real home, and not a mere space in which to live, there are small details that can help us.

As you already know, decoration is a matter of taste, but we must always try to adapt our preferences to the space and the conditions we have. If you have any empty space, consider it a blank canvas – a place to fill with your own imagination.

And don’t be fooled: for the result to look stylish and in line with the latest trends in interior decoration, it is not always necessary to make a stratospheric investment. In fact, very often it is enough to gather certain super cheap ingredients (some frames, scraps of old fabrics, empty bottles or even some element of nature). In this way, you will not only be able to give a new life to that bland corner of your home, but you will also be able to take advantage of a huge amount of objects that you would have otherwise discarded.

If you do not lack the desire, but you feel that your imagination has not just taken off, here we have left you 10 simple ideas. So that you get inspired!

Decorate your pots

Another very decorative way to give life to your windows is hidden in your plants. Do not hesitate, get some paint and decorate your pots with the colors you like the most, either following a pattern or simply opting for a monochrome design.

Draw patterns on your lamps

If you have a good hand with a brush or pencil, you can do it with a little patience and a good marker (the kind that write on all types of surfaces) and draw an original pattern on the screen of one of your lamps to give it a unique touch.

Make a mat out of recycled materials

Cork is a super absorbent natural material, which also dries quickly and retains heat well. Therefore, although it may not have occurred to you, it can be perfect for your bathroom. If you join a few corks using a powerful but non-corrosive adhesive, you can create a great and original mat for the shower.

Paint your doors in colors

This is a perfect idea if you want to add a refreshing touch to your dining room, but you don’t have the possibility of making a drastic change. If you opt for an intense and cheerful tone, you will add a very bright hue to your decoration. And when you’ve gotten bored of this one, it’s as simple as choosing another and painting over it!

Use ribbons instead of rings on your curtains

You can buy a tape that you like, or recycle old fabrics. A simple but original trick with which to refresh the design of your window and give an unmistakable point of color to any room.

Take advantage of even the narrowest corners

Those little corners, those impossible corners in which no furniture fits and that are usually found in corridors, do not necessarily have to be dead spots in your home. You can always use these spaces to place a small shelf with a book or a storage solution like this one.

Take advantage of your closet doors

The interior door of your kitchen cupboard, for example, can become an excellent organizer for different objects. You have infinite options to place them: hooks, shelves, cubes … Never underestimate the capacity of your cabinets!

Create a photo collage

With the advent of digital photography, photographic albums have gradually become obsolete, but the truth is that being able to contemplate images of some unforgettable moment in your life will never go out of style. You can place them with a frame, without a frame, hang them on threads or clips, adorning them with led lights … Any option is valid when it comes to giving life to a corner with a photograph.

Decorate your kitchen wall

Surely you have already seen countless ideas to decorate the walls of your kitchen, so this idea should not be new to you. But have you thought about using chalkboard paint? This option will allow you to create a surface in your kitchen on which to write everything you want, when you want and how you want. A decorative option that it is impossible to get bored!

Decorate your lamps with natural materials

If you think that the base of your floor lamps is not entirely aesthetic, you can always hide it with something as simple as some tree branches, some leaves or any other natural element. This will give an eco, modern and unique touch to your living room or room that is difficult to find in the market.

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