6 Home Organization Tips That Works

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Want to know which home organization tips your mom has given you really work? You do not have to be a magician, it is simply a matter of recognizing aspects that we do not always take into account and that simplify life in general.

Check out these 6 organizing tips that work! Advance to the next page to learn one by one.

6 # Thoroughly clean the house every 15 days

Housewives have a lot of work to do every day. To avoid falling into a deceptive routine, tidy up and organize your daily routine every day, but set aside a morning or afternoon every 10-15 days to really clean thoroughly. Otherwise time will pass and one fine day you will realize that in years you have never “had time” to go to your children’s act at school, or for example to your daughter’s rhythmic gymnastics exhibition.

5 # Put the foods you consume the most at hand

Putting the foods that the family consumes most often on the top shelves of the pantry will save you a lot of time searching for them to cook. This is also a way to avoid the “We have nothing to eat.” Has it happened to you that you had canned or non-perishable food on the highest shelves, but because you did not know it, you resorted to delivery to feed your family? Putting this advice into practice is a great solution.

4 # Play with the children so that they order without realizing it

Race against the clock with them, activate the alarm with a time limit so that each one can order the environment or what corresponds to them. Of course, then there will be a winner with a reward. This is a good way to teach them to be orderly, responsible and cooperate with housework, and of course, a way to reduce the time you spend cleaning the home.

3 # Store everything in closed jars

Do not interpret “everything” in the literal sense of the word, but be careful to store open packages of cookies, snacks and others, in airtight jars so that the food does not spoil. Thus, in addition to keeping everything in order, you can enjoy fresh food without the risk of ants or other bugs invading your kitchen furniture.

2 # Use a basket to do household chores

One way to organize the home in minutes is to take a basket and put everything that does not belong to a room inside. In this way you are arranging everything in its place instead of going back and forth infinitely throughout the house.

1 # Store the sheets inside the covers

It often happens that if you keep the sheets in order once washed, when looking for them to change the bed, you never have the 3 pieces together, right? Fix it easily, fold the sheets and store them inside the pillowcase.

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