Small apartments: 37 square meters in rustic style

by 33admin

small beach apartment with a dreamy patio that inspires tranquility, simply decorated in a rustic style  with recycled antique furniture, objects and accessories made of fibers and natural textures.

We begin the tour of this rustic apartment in the patio / porch, through which it is accessed. There an outdoor dining room was created with a rustic white painted wooden table and a couple of chairs. The red Tolix chair adds color and works as a decorative element. To provide shade, a roof of bamboo poles painted white.

Zinc pots or planters are a good option to give a more this style to any patio or garden. Avoid putting them in direct sun as they tend to heat up and can affect plant development.


Next to the entrance is the dining room area , with a rustic table equal to the one on the patio, patinated in white. The large sliding window doors incorporate the exterior space into the interior of the apartment, integrating both spaces in a natural way. Fabrics, curtains, and textiles create harmony and help soften cooler materials like smooth concrete floors .

To the side of the dining room is the small kitchen , with a linear design with furniture under light wood countertops. The countertop and rise are made of white polished marble. The floors throughout the apartment are made of broken white smoothed cement and the walls in the same color, unifying the whole setting and enhancing the light with light colors.


The living area , consisting of a sofa bed with a linen cover, a coffee table with metal legs and a rustic wooden top, and a puff upholstered in burlap fabric. The decoration combines aged and patinated wood furniture, wicker objects and natural fibers that add that characteristic touch of rusticity to the apartment . An ideal style for houses and homes on the beach or near the coast due to its easy maintenance.

The bedroom is located next to the living room and is fully integrated into it. To provide privacy, two blue stripped sliding doors were installed, the same as the window blinds. The extra-large bed is delimited by a natural fiber mat, the same material used for the bed backrest.

Detail of one of the corners of the bedroom. A white painted bench serves as a light table. The lamp has a white base with a fabric shade.


View from the bedroom to the living room. A recycled antique cupboard painted in light blue adds color to the decor and storage space. The sliding door was fitted with recycled blue pickled shutters.

In the compartmentalized bathroom , the part of the vanity or bathroom furniture is fully integrated into the bedroom, without any division. There an old counter was reused as a bathroom cabinet painted in light turquoise. To maintain order, different wicker baskets allow you to store everyday objects and keep them out of sight. The mirror was assembled with a frame made of moldings from an old door. The old industrial wall light combines perfectly with the rest of the bathroom elements.


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