Male and colorful decoration in a 2-room apartment

by 33admin

An apartment with 2 rooms and 64 square meters, with elegant and masculine interiors where color was used as a fundamental element of the decoration.

In all environments a different color was used on the walls to define each space and differentiate it from the rest. The result: a very modern decoration that gives a twist to the classic white used in Nordic-style interiors, providing elegance and that masculine touch so present in this department. In turn, as it is an old apartment, the use of strong colors highlights the original carpentry and architectural details of the construction. Let’s look at environment by environment:

Living room

In the living room, three of the four walls that make it up were painted a slightly darker gray. Gray is a good replacement for white in small living rooms and can be a warm color when composed with shades of brown rather than blue. According to the lighting the color seems lighter and stronger in some sectors. That is why it is recommended to test the paint in bright areas and with little light before finally painting the entire environment.

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