Art and paintings in the decoration of a 3 room apartment

by 33admin

Sometimes so much white can be overwhelming in interior decoration if it cannot be compensated with other objects and accessories that give life and warmth to the environments.

This apartment is a good example of how to balance colors in decoration, counteracting white with the use of furniture in darker colors and, above all, paintings . Many pictures and prints that dress the walls creating a cozy space that invites you to stay and enjoy the apartment.

It is a  3-room apartment with Nordic interiors, located in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. The studio also works there and the pictures we see on the walls are his own. The best of all is that, in addition to providing a unique style to the decoration, the paintings are a sample of his work and turn the department into a true showroom of his products while maintaining the home atmosphere to the maximum.

The use of white on the floors and walls is something very characteristic of the Nordic style . The key is to balance the decoration with furniture and well-designed objects that add color to the interior and create unique corners.

In the photo above, a view of the designer’s studio, set up in the second bedroom of the apartment. Comfort is essential to be able to work well and it is something that is not taken into account when we work from home. In this case, the desk allows to regulate its height while the ergonomic chair ensures that we maintain a good posture while we are working with the computer. Another important aspect is the order of the environment. It is always a good idea to keep desk surfaces or other furniture free of objects and papers.

In the bedroom, the aesthetics of the rest of the apartment are maintained: walls, floors and carpentry in absolute white. In the absence of wardrobes in the bedroom, simple clothes racks and shelves for shoes were used, which leave everything in sight, adding the share of color in the setting.

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