5 trends in decoration for 2021

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2020 has been a difficult year due to all that we have lived through. But, without a doubt, beyond the coronavirus and all the annoyances that it has caused us, it has been a year in which we have valued more than ever what it is to be at home and it has even become a tendency called Niksen.

Being at home and enjoying its warmth has been the hallmark of the year 2020. And, now that it is over and that we are about to start a new year, we want to tell you about the decoration trends of 2021. 

The most important decoration trends of 2021

As we mentioned, 2020 has had its pluses and minuses. But, without a doubt, the home has been a great protagonist in recent months. Therefore, you may be wondering what are the trends in interior decoration of 2021 to start decorating your home according to the news. 

If so, take good note of what we are going to tell you in this post, and don’t let anything escape you! 


➜ Light woods, a Scandinavian inspiration

It is no secret that Scandinavian has been in fashion for years in interior decoration. This year 2021 will continue to be a trend thanks to the light tones of the woods. And not just on the floor and furniture! These wood tones will extend to walls and ceilings. 

➜ Classic blue is still at the top 

The naval color, also known as classic blue, has been a trend in interior design for some time. Whether to give a touch to any of the walls, or to choose the tone of furniture or kitchen doors, the naval color will continue to be present during 2021. 

➜ Face Line Art, a viral trend 

The online world has crossed the screen and has become part of the decoration. One of the latest trends in interior design is known as Face Line Art. Faces drawn on jewels, paintings, fabrics … And we can also find them on wallpaper. 


➜ Colors remain neutral 

Beyond naval blue, which is undoubtedly a color that has little neutrality, the rest of the tones that will be a trend in the decoration of 2021 are somewhat less colorful: grays, beiges and whites. 

In its different varieties, and being able to also add some soft brown, the tones of this 2021 in interior decoration will not go down in history as the most extravagant. 


➜ Industrial design also at home 

Industrial design is something that we usually associate with business, or with places intended for work. However, in recent months and in the coming year, industrial design has taken on great relevance in the world of interior design. 

Exposed brick walls, rooms painted without whitewashing, cement or wood floors and elements such as exposed metal beams, are what stands out the most in this style. 

Now that you know what the trends in decoration are for 2021, you will have seen that neutral tones stand out and that the use of wood and industrial style in the home are still very important. We hope we have given you some great ideas for decorating your home! 


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