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Installation and repair services for the home with Diva Hogar
Diva Hogar is a company dedicated to performing maintenance, installation and repair of breakdowns at home in homes and premises. They have experience in the sector since 2001 and currently have a wide network of specialized professionals to cover each type of need on the part of their clients: DIY, masonry, plumbing, painting and plumbing.

Currently, the team of professionals at Diva Hogar offers its various types of services within these 3 categories:

Breakdowns : customers have a 24-hour telephone assistance service for emergency resolution. They are responsible for solving incidents in the facilities and various types of essential appliances and appliances. First, they review the problem to locate the fault, present a budget to the client and after it is accepted, the arrangement is made as soon as possible. Some examples of the most requested breakdown jobs by Diva Hogar customers are: plumbing, gas lighting, electrical appliances, locksmith, toilets, aluminum doors, electric shutters, humidity, falling and breaking tiles.
Maintenance : to guarantee the operation and good condition of the facilities and important appliances within a home such as: boilers, electric water heaters, heaters, air conditioners, tanks, pipes, parking lots, terraces and patios.
Installations and reforms : the professional team carries out all kinds of works for the installation of electrical systems, boilers, pipes, air conditioning, electrical appliances… in a clean, easy and fast way in homes and farms.


The main objective of the company is total customer satisfaction by offering the best cleaning conditions and speed in carrying out the work. All possible precautions are taken to carry out the works or arrangements, protecting the workspace and communication with the client is constant throughout the project.

In the case of renovations, a weekly visit is arranged by the person in charge of the work so that the client can view the progress, check that the entire procedure is carried out with the necessary security measures and to resolve any possible doubts that may arise. emerging to the customer.


Diva Hogar offers its services in the form of 3 types of “packs”, which can be contracted monthly, quarterly or annually and are designed to offer customers certain exclusive discount percentages for the repairs and reforms they need to carry out:

DIY Home Pack
Home Maintenance Pack
Home window and roofs service Pack
You can view some of the work done by Diva Hogar from the official site and the opinions of satisfied customers with the hiring of their services.


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