Design your ADT Smart Security solution

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Choose the option that best suits your needs:
ADT Alert
• Arming and disarming the system.
• Monitoring the status of detectors and devices.
• Alarm notifications.
• Viewing video clips of the alarm jump.
• Request for video clips.
• Unique User Codes.

ADT Vision
• All the features of ADT Alert.
• Live video display.
• Video recording on demand.
• Cloud storage.
• Web scheduling of video alerts.
• Video notifications.

ADT Vision Pro
• All the features of ADT Alert and ADT Vision.
• Video camera with video verification through the Alarm Receiving Center.

ADT Services: Innovation in its purest form

Why be conformist when you can stay one step ahead?

Remote system maintenance The ADT Central Station visualizes and monitors the system uninterruptedly through the alarm panel.

Healthcare control service 24-hour protection for the elderly or people with special needs. They will be assisted by a simple emergency button that will report any mishap to a team of qualified operators.

Inhibitor detection The Alarm Receiving Center supervises communications with the alarm panel. In case of detecting any inhibition or sabotage signal, it will notify it immediately.

Pet service You can protect your home with your pet inside. Thanks to devices that are activated in a synchronized way in the system, you will be able to identify if the movement is that of your pet.

Multi-way service Maximum security in communications with the ARC against intrusion, sabotage or inhibition thanks to the redundancy of communications between the mobile channel and the wired connection. The multi-way connection channels allow rapid detection and communication to the CRA for an immediate response and with notice to the Police.

ADT Plus Protection Legal consulting with expert lawyers who are responsible for solving and advising on all matters related to your family and home.

Opening and closing control A system prompt will alert you when the alarm is connected or disconnected outside of scheduled times.

Self-assembly service Allows you to program the system to automatically arm itself in the event of forgetfulness.

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