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In addition to protecting your home from harmful UV rays, fixed outdoor sun protection nets provide a variety of benefits. Find out more about the unique benefits of installing outdoor sunscreen nets made with Phifer sunscreen fabrics.

Protection against rays UV : materials sunscreen outside Phifer provide protection from harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage or discolor floors and furniture and increase energy costs. Many outdoor sunscreen mesh products have received the Melanoma International Foundation seal of approval for maintaining the highest standards of sun protection.
Save on energy costs : Installing solar shading screens, designed to disperse heat from the sun’s rays, can help save up to 25% on energy and air conditioning costs, allowing for more comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the year.

Reduce Glare – Work, read, or watch TV without squinting glare. Phifer Outdoor Sun Shades help reduce glare from the sun inside your home.

Insect Control : Phifer has built a reputation for contribution the best and most innovative insect screens. Phifer’s outdoor sunscreen nets also double as window screens to keep insects out of your outside world.

Enhanced Privacy – Our outdoor sun protection products can be used in panels to add an extra layer of privacy in your home during the day. Choose from a variety of fabrics and colors to create a better barrier against the outside world.

GREENGUARD Certified – All Phifer outdoor sun protection products are GREENGUARD Certified, contribution improved indoor air quality and meeting rigorous global standards for low VOC emissions.

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