Spend you Money and Save the Planet at the Same Time

by Angie M

Imagine having a positive impact on the environment only by switching your bank.

As climate change keeps looming over us and green trends have started in all major industries, we see new and innovative ways that companies and brands start applying to have a positive impact. 

When you think of traditional banking, paperwork and financial statements come to mind. Even Though most banks have embraced the digital era and they’re wise to do so, they barely go over the minimum to make a change.

Innovation has opened the door to a new industry of cash management. Aspiration is one of these systems that is looking to stand out and make a splash.

They have environmentally friendly initiatives that promote a more conscious way of spending while rewarding you and keeping your cash safe.

It works exactly the same as a bank and is equally insured – the only difference is that they focus on helping you understand your carbon footprint through your spending habits and plant trees on your behalf.

I know.. This sounds nuts. You see, traditional banks usually round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and add those cents to a savings account. Well, Aspiration does the same but instead of saving those cents that go unnoticed, they invest them in a fund that is solely to promote tree planting.

Therefore, for every purchase you make you are directly contributing to a better environment. If tree hugging is not really your thing but saving money and having great cashback benefits is, then you’re going to want to stick around. 

Aspiration’s bold offer includes no hidden fees, ATM fees, or maintenance fees. Additionally, they offer 10% cashback on debit card purchases! 


All deposits are fossil fuel free and you are FDIC insured.

If you are like me and spend in shops and brands that are socially conscious – aspiration will give me greater cashback to reward you for those purchasing trends. 


This is more than just a place to keep your money… This is a movement that rewards businesses, people, and the community for being more socially conscious. 


They don’t do credit checks and provide up to 1.00% APY on your savings.

That’s underheard of in the market – most banks barely look out for you. Aspiration not only takes care of you but also the environment. 


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