Online Banking = Less Banking Fees

by Angie M

I’m going to go through different options that are great online options.

I can help you with your banking needs so let’s jump into it. 

I’m really excited to talk about these baking options. I have done another review on Banking and they were part of this review and so the start of the New Year 2022 is simple. 

Sends out an email to its customers saying hey we are closing its doors I wanted to just take a moment to try to walk through what that means.


If you see this article right here waiting for you, it really doesn’t mean a whole lot in terms of time but I would just say your money is still going to be there. 

Those are still all fic-insured. So to lose out on features that are still there for the card you’ll still get your stimulus check, get your unemployment money, you’ll still get your paychecks.  

If you are a simple customer you really may want to consider switching to this. It simply told customers via email that their customer service agents won’t be able to answer any questions about it. When you hear things like that it’s time where you may say it’s time to look for a new one.  

So today I’m going to be reviewing specific Bank.s One Bank,  Chime and Ally. 


Let’s jump into the first bank that I want to review and I will be honest with you, I am not a customer of them so just to be clear I am reviewing this. I did some research on it but I am not a current banking customer with them but I did think it was important to mention that. 

These do have a lot of good reviews. Obviously I’m just some guy on the internet. You should do some others’ reviews but I thought this is one that captured my attention and I wanted to share with you. 

So if you are a simple customer, they are offering a $100 bonus right now, you can actually find it in your bank if you decide to actually give them a try. A kickback for choosing them. 


As you switch and were the reasons why there that made this list that I wanted to review how many people think it is simple. 

For those who are used to it so that’s a comparable service that can help you navigate kind of budgeting in baking. It also has some other great features of something that’s going to be available for three of the four early technologies. You can Google it, but a lot of these new online only banks are actually really cool. 

There’s no fees or minimums pretty much everything that I’m going to talk through today won’t have anything different. They don’t have mobile check deposits and you can share money with unlimited people which I think is pretty cool. This is just a bank worth checking out one of the things that I wanted to show that I think is pretty cool. Only if you get no fees and minimums but you can also access it from anywhere. This will just give you a little nice snapshot of what’s available for this bank so you get all these nice features you can kind of break it but you can get even more if you do direct deposit so obviously this was your main bank you want to use this that you murdered some features are limited especially with online banks is that they’re not a full service bank.


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