Heal your Home Finances the Right Way.

by Angie M

Get your personal finances in order by having a strategy in place.

Paycheck to paycheck. A state of survival none of us would like to be in. In reality, the vast majority of Americans just can’t make ends meet. Expenses rack up and income becomes limited. 

When you least expect it you are cutting down any minor expense you can in order to save pennies. 

Being financially savvy is a necessary skill for any adult in 2021. Covid and quarantine hit our communities hard. Most businesses couldn’t survive that hit and millions of Americans have been affected. 


You must have more income sources than debts. Sources of income, that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Focus on sources that don’t require  a lot of your time and effort but provide a reliable flow of income on a regular basis. 

When you are strapped for cash you should be able to look at your sources and know which one can offer liquidity quickly. When your debts are overdue and collectors are starting to come knocking you need to boost to get some air. 


What are your options?

Here are a number of solutions you can use when you need cash quickly. 

  1. Sell valuables – not the most attractive option, but it is efficient. Only issue is you will most likely be settling for less due to the urgency factor affecting finding the right buyer.
  1. Extra hours – Over time is solid and reliable, but it hinders your time availability to be with loved ones or do things you truly enjoy. 
  1. Ask for a loan – Running to the bank or loved ones and asking for a push in order to make ends meet will limit the overall solution to the underlying problem. Lack of income. 
  1. Request a credit card with flexible and manageable fees. This will assure that you have money in your account today and are able to create a plan to pay it back. 

These solutions can give you the cashflow you need to get back in game. You can easily and quickly get a 1K credit card approved. 


Whatever route you decide to take, make sure you have a plan that goes past the initial covering of your bills. Stay focused on the overall plan and get your finances back in order. 

No one should have to lose sleep because they have collectors behind them. If you are already in this situation don’t dwell, but rather analyze your solutions and take action. 


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