Get Paid for Surfing the Internet?

by Angie M

Make money by watching videos and providing feedback. What a dream come true for all video enthusiasts like myself. 

Companies are eager to show you their products and hear your thoughts. It is widely popular and folks are starting to understand that their free time can put money into their accounts. As markets continue to evolve and consumer trends start changing your opinions become more and more valuable. 

Companies that wait to see if their efforts are successful by sending products to market are not being efficient in their processes. Focus groups have been widely used in the last decades to find out how consumers feel about services and products. 

In a post covid reality, focus groups tend to turn people off. Sitting in the comfort of your home on your tablet, smartphone, or computer and taking a few minutes to watch what companies are coming up with is the new cool. 


The same amount of time you spend watching your daily videos and ads but getting paid for your time and thoughts just sounds awesome to me. 

Think about how many videos you watch a day… a week… a month? Now add a monetary value into each video watched. Money paid for time spent watching.


If you have an internet connection and enjoy spending time watching videos, Kashkick is a great solution for you. It was created to be user-friendly and effortlessly to use. The cherry on top is that you’ll have access to awesome products before the rest of the world, is a plus. You’ll be privileged to great deals first. 

The best part is that you can cash out directly to your PayPal account in real time and have the money in your pocket quickly. Especially if you have the PayPal cash card in your wallet. Daily spending is covered by watching videos and letting companies know how they can improve products designed for you. Win-win scenario. Better products and cash in your pocket. 

I’m sold. I can’t get enough of this site. If you see a product online or stores and think to yourself, man this would be really cool if…. Then this is for you. I can count how many times I’ve thought to myself how products could be much better designed. Well-being outspoken now has its advantages. 


Stop wasting your time and missing out on opportunities that are knocking at your door. If you already watch videos and surf the internet, then why not get paid for it? 


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