Did you miss the November 15 deadline for the monthly Child Tax Credit? Here is what you can do

by Angie M

Families that have not claimed the payment of $ 300 or $ 250 per month per child, which is part of the economic stimulus approved in March are about to lose opportunity this 2021. The deadline to request the advance payment of the Credit Expanded Tax by Child is Monday, November 15. The families who filed their taxes or who claimed the payment have been receiving since July 15 when the first payment of the Credit automatically to 39 million American households. 

Expansion of the child tax credit is part of the stimulus package signed by President Biden in March. By law, families should receive an annual benefit of $ 3,000 per child ages 6 to 17 and $ 3,600 per child

under 6 years of age in the fiscal year 2021. The credit is given in full to taxpayers making less than $ 75,000


annual and married couples filing a joint return and who have an income of less than $ 150,000.


People who sign up now to receive advance payment will get half of the loan money in December, which is an opportunity to have more money at parties. In the same way, those who did not claim advance payments in 2021. They can do this by filing their tax return next year. Also, they will receive a sum that corresponds to the Extended Child Tax Credit. The regular Child Tax Credit is $ 2,000, of which $ 1,400 is awarded to


parents in the form of a refund when filing taxes. This refundable amount will increase by $ 100 in 2022, for a total of $ 1,500, as an adjustment in response to rising inflation, the IRS announced.


In Florida 3.8 million children are eligible for the Child Tax Credit extension, financial aid that reduces child poverty by 38 percent.

If you have not claimed it, it is in time before November 15 on this online site: GetCTC.org


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